Acrylic and Flare up

Hi I have some Opaque Gray Acrylic and it flares up real bad when I’m cutting it . Everything is clean but lately every time I cut Acrylic it does this . Even glowforge does

Flare ups with acrylic can be cause for concern, but I’m not sure there is anything the community can suggest except the known solutions - make sure your air circulation is good by insuring all fans are clean. A change in masking can cause a change in performance. Bump up the speed and see if it still cuts with less flare. Watch all cuts closely. For more specific help, you may need to provide a video.


Thank you so much I will try a faster speed and If need be I will video it

Remember to check the fan under the print head – if that gets clogged up, it no longer sucks the air away to prevent the flare ups.


Still have the flare up

What type of masking do you have on your acrylic?

In a group on FB some ones said to take There’s off and put mine on, Which I did and that work . So we will see if GF acrylic will work with there masking.

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