Acrylic Award - 3 Sheets of Acrylic pinned with Aluminum

Hi Makers. I’m rooting for all of us. Here’s an award I just made. You can put any flat image in between the layers, photos, certificates, etc. Stands perfectly.
(cardboard is free packaging)
Use 1 sheet of Proof Grade 1/4" clear.

You can order pins from McMaseter Carr. I made my own.

Hope you’re all staying busy. I have weekly glowforge videos on YouTube.

[](http://The hackLAB Show)


What diameter are those pins?

1/4" , they have to be super tight and not threaded. hardest part of design.

I use 1/16” brass rods for this stuff all the time. K&s metals sells them online.

I like the look of your chunky aluminum though. Cool. I have some 1/8” ish aluminum rods laying around but usually just reach for the brass. Next time.

For those who want to replicate this look, you can buy K&S rods at Ace or True Value hardware stores, as well as local hobby and some craft stores (Hobby Lobby). The thickest Alu. I’ve bought locally is 0.3", but it depends on the store as to what they carry and stock levels. They’re not a “popular” item.