Acrylic cake toppers, food safe?

I’ve seen a lot of acrylic cake toppers on a stick that looks like they get inserted into the cake. Is this okay? Meaning is it okay to stick the acrylic inside of the cake like that? My daughter is turning 5 and wants a space cake and I thought it would be cute if I made the little designs to stick in the cake but started questioning myself on that one

I also was thinking maybe I could just wrap the stick part with Saran Wrap before poking it in but it may make a big gap. Just curious what everyone has to say on this one, thanks!

I wouldn’t be particularly worried about it, but that is just a reflection of my personality.

There are two potential vectors of contamination: contact between the acrylic and the crumb tray and contact with airborne particles kicked up by the air assist fan. There are four surfaces that will come into contact with the cake: two freshly cut by a laser and two protected by masking. The two protected by masking sides are the only sides to come into contact with the crumb tray. Peeling off the masking does most of your safety work for you. To me it seems unlikely the just cut sides will have much air contact, but they could.

So wrapping it in Saran Wrap would work. It’s acrylic, so you could just wash it (not in the dishwasher, low melting point.) And finally, the only danger, if there is any, is the piece of cake that contacts the cake topper. Feed that piece to the person you like the least :grin:. Or don’t eat it, but I’m not much of a cake person either.


Most dentures are made of acrylic, I doubt it would have any effect.


I’ve done acrylic cake toppers and have never had any problems or concerns with their use. I always make sure to thoroughly hand wash them before first use to remove any cutting residue


I use acrylic for my cake topper and I make sure that I wash them really well to be sure there is no laser gunk on them. You can take a tip from professional cake makers and dip the end of wierd stuff in bees wax. There is a product on the market just for this, but the name escapes me. It is often used on flowers before they are put on a cake. Maybe check Wilton to see if they have it. It is cheap.


Thanks guys for the hints and tips, I think I will probably try to make them now :slight_smile:

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