Acrylic calendar

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has anyone tried to create a family calendar on acrylic where you can write with dry erase makers to make a new month each month?

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Hmm, haven’t seen anyone post that – usually people make them in whiteboard. It engraves pretty well, and can be gotten at home depot.

If you do try it, I’d recommend using cast acrylic, not extruded. Extruded acrylic can sometimes be damaged by alcohols (which is part of dry erase marker ink).

Should be pretty easy to make though, just reverse engrave on the acrylic and write on the “back”. If you want it to be a solid color, you can paint the acrylic whatever color you like first, then engrave the paint away, and even then repaint the engrave with your contrast color.


Oh also, lots of designs already out there, 12.2 million results on google for “blank calendar svg”:


Can you adapt this multi purpose chart?


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