Acrylic Cuff Bracelet

I have become absolutely addicted to acrylic. I love it! It can handle projects that I can’t get wood to stand up to. Like this. The wooden version cracked in a day. The wooden one is still beautiful and I think I could make it work with some tweaks but I adore that acrylic!!


Lovely! :grinning:


Sweet! Curious as to what the clasp side look like?

I did it with this style. I may choose to do a lobster clasp at some point but this seems to work well for now.


Thanks for the back picture. Any problems with it staying closed?
Great job. I really like it. :blush:


So far it’s staying closed. It pinches the arm hair a bit though :joy:


Acrylic make my heart swoon too :slight_smile:


They look great. The wood one is plywood correct? Solid wood doesn’t handle living hinges so well. Also, the pattern will affect the robustness.

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Really pretty!

Yep it is. I learned the lesson about hardwood the ‘hard’ way. If you’ll pardon my pun.


I have been making bracelets too, had not thought about using acrylic. Thanks for the inspiration. I love your pattern as well.:heart_eyes:

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Oh try it out! It’s so much fun to play with!

Hmmm, you must be new. :thinking: I’m not huge into puns, but punning is the surest way to fit in around here. :smile:


I’m only a week in … Well spotted haha

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I think I need a lesson on designing living hinges. Your design is exquisite.

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Thanks! I just did some google searches and looooots of trial and error. My scrap bin is appalling.

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Sweet! I’d love to hear about other types of clasps if you experiment more.

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Perfect timing! I’m experimenting with a couple different ones today! I’ll post pics when I’ve got them.

So a couple things … Proofgrade acrylic works fine with the closure I posted earlier. Inventables does not, especially with the thinner ones. I ended up cutting this bracelet out of some inventables two tone black and white and I love it but that closure wasn’t going to work. So I ended up putting chains together to make it a slip on cuff vs a closure cuff. I like it. Has a bit of a rocker edge and looks like leather somehow.


Beautiful, so excited my glowforge just shipped…will be here next Friday.

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