Acrylic Cuff Bracelet


I have become absolutely addicted to acrylic. I love it! It can handle projects that I can’t get wood to stand up to. Like this. The wooden version cracked in a day. The wooden one is still beautiful and I think I could make it work with some tweaks but I adore that acrylic!!


Lovely! :grinning:


Sweet! Curious as to what the clasp side look like?


I did it with this style. I may choose to do a lobster clasp at some point but this seems to work well for now.


Thanks for the back picture. Any problems with it staying closed?
Great job. I really like it. :blush:


So far it’s staying closed. It pinches the arm hair a bit though :joy:


Acrylic make my heart swoon too :slight_smile:


They look great. The wood one is plywood correct? Solid wood doesn’t handle living hinges so well. Also, the pattern will affect the robustness.


Really pretty!


Yep it is. I learned the lesson about hardwood the ‘hard’ way. If you’ll pardon my pun.


I have been making bracelets too, had not thought about using acrylic. Thanks for the inspiration. I love your pattern as well.:heart_eyes:


Oh try it out! It’s so much fun to play with!


Hmmm, you must be new. :thinking: I’m not huge into puns, but punning is the surest way to fit in around here. :smile:


I’m only a week in … Well spotted haha


I think I need a lesson on designing living hinges. Your design is exquisite.


Thanks! I just did some google searches and looooots of trial and error. My scrap bin is appalling.


Sweet! I’d love to hear about other types of clasps if you experiment more.


Perfect timing! I’m experimenting with a couple different ones today! I’ll post pics when I’ve got them.


So a couple things … Proofgrade acrylic works fine with the closure I posted earlier. Inventables does not, especially with the thinner ones. I ended up cutting this bracelet out of some inventables two tone black and white and I love it but that closure wasn’t going to work. So I ended up putting chains together to make it a slip on cuff vs a closure cuff. I like it. Has a bit of a rocker edge and looks like leather somehow.