Acrylic display piece


Wanted to do something nice for the founder of our flying club, thought this might make a fancy decoration for his hangar.

The structure is three layers of draftboard, the face is maple ply. It’s tough to tell from pics, but there are actually two back-engraved pieces of acrylic sandwiched in there to give it more depth when you look at it the right way.

If I’m to do it again, I’d either go single-layer to avoid alignment hassles, or add another 1/8" layer between the acrylics to expand the depth effect.


Really nice, I especially like the simple, strong graphic look of the design. I like the effect you got with the layering as well. Another way to get depth would be to sandwich the clear acrylic between two cut out planes. I did something similar and it came out pretty cool.


That’s a really neat twist on the back engrave style. Well done!


Excellent! I’m sure he’s going to love it. :grinning:


It came out great! I’m sure he’ll love it!


For alignment you could cut a couple of holes and pin the two pieces together.


Nice job!


Wow! I really like the way you added so much dimension. It gives the piece even more presence.


Great project! It looks wonderful in the frame.


Very nice! I like the stand too :sunglasses:


That’s really gorgeous! What an excellent piece!


Awesome work! Where are you located? FAT or PNW


It wasn’t so much physical alignment (everything snapped together like Lego), but rather design decisions. Do I double up the whole image, or just the plane? If the latter, how do I crop the plane and still keep everything aligned? Do I separate the two sheets or smush them together? Should I back-engrave one sheet and not the other? Which should be which?

As most projects usually go, I decided pretty early to downgrade it from Grand to Realistic. My spec began as:

  • Wall/window mountable or free-standing
  • Side-lit
  • Has remote
  • Has internal battery
  • Solar charged

And changed to:

  • Stays standing when someone walks through the room :wink:

Club is ‘Flights Above The Pacific Northwest,’ putting me squarely in the PNW. Not sure where FAT is. :thinking: