Acrylic Display stands for Nerd Stuff (pt 1)

My lightsaber is one of my favorite things, but I’ve never had a way to display it that was worthy. So I designed this stand and cut it today:


I also have a Mjölnir replica which, despite what the movies would have you believe, does not naturally rest at a rakish angle. At all. Like, not even a little bit. So I designed and cut a stand meant to look as invisible and unobtrusive as possible, while facilitating that signature lean.



And finally: a look at the Mjölnir stand where you can actually see it:



Wow! Those are some spectacularly professional looking stands! (worthy of the objects) :grinning:


Thanks! The Glowforge did an incredible job… it was super-easy to get great-looking results.
My parts didn’t fit together quite as snugly as I’d have liked, because I didn’t have time to fiddle with kerf variations but they’re not going to fall apart and they don’t travel, so they totally work. Next round with have some tighter tolerances, though.


This is the biggest reason I wanted to get a laser. Display stands for props, figures, herbs, anything! I love the idea of having the power to create badass stands for great figures and props.

These are great examples of how easy it is to get that item to the next level!


I love this. It’s simple, clean, and sexy.

That Rebel Alliance logo needs to be red, though. =)


Great looking stand! Minimal, yet striking!

Thanks, guys! I’ve got some more ambitious stands planned, too. LED Lighting and the whole deal. I’ll keep posting stuff up as I make it.

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Really incredible work!

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Very rakish!

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So Cool! :sunglasses:

The stands are beautiful, but the props are gorgeous. Did you make them yourself?

Those turned out great! I think you’ve inspired me to get off my lazy bum and make stands to organize my stuff now.

I love your stand! (stands!) I just got a lightsaber, and wanting to design something. Im going try it full length though. If anyone has made some, I love to see them!