Acrylic EcoQube C+ aquarium cover

Nothing fancy here, but it sure was nice to be able to whip up a professional looking cover for the EqoCube C+ aquarium I bought as surplus after the manufacturer went bankrupt (because I’m sure they are no longer selling the covers…)



Good job! Love when you have the ability to make stuff you need on stuff you already have with materials you already own!


Oh that’s lovely! I remember a number of years cobbling together covers for aquariums that had broken theirs over the years - the :glowforge: certainly makes much cleaner ones!

Gotta love a practical cut!


That looks great!!

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Your cover looks great. I’ve been growing lettuce in a hydroponic planter, but not an aquarium. I’d like to try that, as I love tropical fish.

Nice! Even if you could find one, yours is probably less expensive.

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Fantastic!!! Love hearing about another great solution made possible by the Glowforge.