Acrylic garden/flower/plant tags planters

A friend planted a bunch of roses and wanted a way to label each one for identification. I made 3" x 5" signs. Uploaded the svg design into GF then added the text to each tag there.!

plant triple tag


Hi @charlesandkelley ā€“ great custom use of your GF! When you create a thread in the Free Files area, a file is required in the first post, so you should probably go ahead and share the file. Or, if you prefer, I can move this to Made on a Glowforge for you. :slight_smile:


Very nice and yes I would live the file

I will add it now. was just on a different computer and didnt have the file on it to add to the post. Thanks for the info! :slight_smile:

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Could you confirm you see the added file please so I know I did it correctly? Thank you.

Yep, you did it! :slight_smile:

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I see it and thank you

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