Acrylic hinges?

I’m wondering if anyone has used acrylic hinges? Generally these seem to be made fully of acrylic, including the pin. While you can buy them with drilled holes for attaching to any material, I would bond them direct to acrylic sheets with acrylic solvent.

Basically, I’m wondering whether they hold up. Acrylic is pretty strong, but also pretty brittle. Does anyone have experience with this category of product.

An image of one style of hinge, in case its helpful:


Interesting rabbit hole I just went down…I never knew I needed such a thing. :upside_down_face: Thank you for the brainworm! I found acrylic hinges at amazon, both with- and without adhesive applied.

They must be durable enough for things like fish tanks and acrylic boxes (in the description). Unless you have in mind a more demanding environment, they should perform just fine.


Hmmm…could think of a few things that could be done with this!


The style did not do well, but those might.


There is a craft tool used by card makers called the MISTI. It is used to get precise alignment on repeat stamping. It is made of acrylic and has a hinged lid (using the style of hinges you show) that is an integral part of its operation. There have been literally millions of these sold and they get pretty heavy use. I have one that is probably 10 years old and still going strong. So you will probably do fine with them.

Note: it looks like the current model of MISTI uses an acrylic hinge that has a metal core, so I suppose that adds some additional strength. My older one has hinges like yours.


Thanks, @cynd11 —the MISTI is a nice example, since it involves repeated rotation of the hinge and application of pressure against the hinge joins as well. From this and other folks’ examples, it definitely seems like these are at least worth experimenting with! Cheers!


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