Acrylic illuminated RGB signs/art

Hey everyone, just saw a cool video that has a great idea that we can take advantage of when using a glowforge.

You probably have seen engraved clear acrylic illuminated with LEDs, that’s pretty common now. The idea in this video is using 3 seperate layers of acrylic that are all engraved separately with varying amounts. 1 for red(illuminated in red), one for green(…) and one for blue. Depending how much you have marked a particular section of the design on each layer you will build up more illumination of each colour. So when all the layers are superimposed you get a multicoloured static image. You can take this 2 way, engrave part of your design on only 1 layer to make that part red green or blue and engrave the rest on other layers to have those respective colours. Or go all out and when designing take your design and engrave different depths in RGB layers in the same “pixel” to get more or less of each RGB colour.

Check it out:

I for one am excited


So simple, yet beautiful. Thanks for posting.

This topic with an instructable explores this technique I think. Comics would be cool. The above video demonstrates better than the static instructible.