Acrylic jewlery



Having some fun making gifts for friends and family…stock pilling designs for small quick items for craft shows…always good to have some low priced items to add onto sales.


Neat products. I like the way that the Batman ring is constructed. Would you care to talk about the business side of craft shows and such?


What would you like to talk about??


Yes. The earrings and pendant are so cool. I am definitely going to do something like that. How thin is the acrylic? What adhesive of you use? I’m going to try to use thin walnut that I have with a nice tight grain too. Stains some darker for contrast.


1/8" or 3mm. I use the acrylic cement. Different woods would look nice too.


I think the fox is particularly awesome! It’s giving me ideas…


Its actually a wolf…I saw something like it somewere so thats where I got the idea…lol
I have a fox, cat, pig, cow and some others I cant remember off hand.


Oops! I love the layering, and want to try that with some of my cat designs. So inspiring!


Half of my laser themed Pinterest pins are earrings!


Love to see your pins​:grin::grin:


On further looking, perhaps I didn’t pin that many earrings but most of the artwork and patterns will be turned in to earrings.

I thought you’d like this Board on Pinterest…


Ok, my niece and nephews will want that ring heh. How did you get the yellow in there? It almost looks like a back layer that was glued on and the yellow part not cut out like the black is.


You are correct…you can se the yellow layer at the bottom if the ring a bit.


I’d like some discussion here, too. My hope for a main business is not craft shows, but I’d like to have multiple ways to be financially successful with this Glowforge thing. What works? Trendy stuff? Items geared toward the venue, i.e. Batman rings for a ComicCon? Or are you more of a “just make what you like” kind of business person?


I would just like to hear more about how they work from a business perspective. Same line of inquiry as @scatterbrains, I imagine. However much or little you’d like to share would be great. I know some business info might not be up for discussion here in the forum because of competition, but given the relatively dispersed nature of the GF nation, I thought show specific might be a safe topic. Just looking for info on earning revenue in this area from folks who are successful at it.

Some possible topics:
Do you have a main product line? (If I remember it was airbrush stencils, or there abouts?)
I just checked your profile, and there are a number of personalized items for Prolazercutz.

What is your typical revenue from an event?
How many people attend?
Highest margin items/services? etc. etc.

Any info you’d like to share, I would appreciate. And I also don’t mean to make it all about business, you may in fact have a thousand other reasons more meaningful than lucre for doing shows!


This will be a side venture as my Airbrush face and body art supply company keeps me pretty busy. There are lots of local crafts shows here in the Midwest as well as a few other events like wedding planning, comic book/gaming shows, local art shows, Made in Oklahoma shows etc.
I dont plan to travel too far. I also dont expect this to be a full time pay the household bills type of thing either…more of a get out of the office on the weekends, play and make some extra cash thing…lol
My stock items will vary depending on what type of show/fair I’m going to. Havent done it yet, so hard to say how lucrative it will be…


Here are a few more custom designed items… :slight_smile:


Cool dragon!
Not… a scary skull. Female I’m guessing. First thought was wolf, but the tail looks fox.


How fun!