Acrylic LED bar sign

I snuck away this evening to play in my shop after my light strips came in.
I made this sign/shot glass holder for my son’s bachelor pad bar…hense the name on the sign…lol
Hard to see the colors, but the glasses light up blue, green, yellow and purple.
I used a battery powered waterproof LED strip.


Thats cool.

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Very nice job! Where do you get your LEDs ?

That’s awesome! Engraved acrylic looks amazing when it’s LED backlit.


From china mostly…I used these for this project.


If you know a bit about electronics, Arduinos or Raspberry Pis, you can get more advanced color LED strings from this seller. By advanced I mean control of individual LED pixel on/off/intensity and color. Plus it’s about half the price (based upon “White 1M 30 IP30”; or ‘white tape, 1 meter, 30 pixels/meter, non-waterproofed’) and you can get higher densities of LEDs/inch if needed.


Yes they have great prices on a lot of LEDs this project however I needed a waterproof strip Since it was in a bar around liquids…lol and battery powered and this is the easiest quickest way to do it.

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Are you using one strip for the project or is there a strip for each color? I’m just wondering how you got each of the colors on at the same time without using an advanced strip as @dan_berry posted.

@dan_berry, Do you any resources or suggestions where someone like me with no Arduino or Pi experience could learn about using them specifically for LED lighting?

If you really have no experience in using Arduinos or Raspberry Pi, then I would suggest that you go the route @smcgathyfay laid out. The ones she highlighted appear to be single color strings and do not change color, but are offered in 5 different colors.

If you want more information about WS2812B-based LEDs, you can find more information on the Adafruit website at – The term “NeoPixel” is just what they call them presumably to sound unique to their audience.

CAVEAT: Not all LED strings you can buy are the same! Some use different chips. The above only applies to “WS2812B” LED strings.


I Love using addressable LEDs in signs (or anything else)

Our house numbers and the path lighting are filled with them and controllable by our home automation.


I actually attached pieces of colored acrylic under the holes where the shot glasses sit to emit the different colors and just used one white strip of LEDs. Cheating a bit…lol… but served the purpose…:grinning:


Yes… I found that out…lots to choose from and different voltages and watts etc. Not one size fits all so to speak.

Brilliant! Thanks for that, I should have guessed but didn’t even cross my mind that that’s how it could have been done.

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lol my husband is a musician and I’ve cut gels for his lights on the laser…same concept.

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I’m not Dan, but thought to share this link with you. This is one of the first links I saved for future laser ideas. I love the idea of using LEDs and acrylic.


Ohhh liiiiink…where are you? lol

Well duh…sorry! :sweat_smile:


BTW, this was done on 1/8" acrylic. 1/4" is whats suggested but this works just as good visually…not as strong though…