Acrylic Light Bulb Lamp

I just put the finishing touches to my light bulb lamp a couple of days ago. The lamp is made with standard lamp parts and the base is a separate assembly from the bulb itself. Once I had gotten the first three or four vertical pieces for the bulb assembled to the seventeen rings in the bulb assembly the remaining vertical pieces for the bulb were a lot easier to install. The base assembly and bulb assembly parts were then bonded together using Scigrip 4 adhesive. I just had to take a small paint brush and dip it into the adhesive which is water thin and bush it on to the joints. It fuses the parts together very quickly without any residue left over. The inner working of the lamp are standard lamp parts except for a small cylinder to mount the light tube/stem. This cylinder I 3D printed but it could have been made using the GF as well.

The lamp stands 18 inches tall and is 10 inches wide at the fattest part of the bulb. The base is 8 inches in diameter at the base. It easy disassembles to change the cylindrical inner light

bulb and is turn on or off with an inline rotating switch.


That’s really cool!


You really like light bulbs! This is neat!

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light-ception? bulb-ception?


Very cool retro look!

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Very cool lamp!!!