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Looking for any resources any of you may have for working with acrylic beyond just laser cutting and engraving. I am specifically trying to figure out how to build a box with rounded edges like the one below and other 3D objects. I know the maker uses marbled acrylic because she mentions it just not how she actually builds it. !If any of you have any youtubers, bloggers or just online resources for working with acrylic specifically it would be much appreciated! Thanks for your help.

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I think you can just sand it down.

Rough sandpaper, then light sandpaper, then superfine sandpaper. You can finish with toothpaste - though I expect there are professional polishes available.

Not my area of expertise, but I’ve done a little bit just like that.

Either sanding, typically with disk sander, or router flowed by polishing.

Galaxy Plastics has a great selection marbled acrylic

I use a router with a bullnose bit to round the corners. You need to get it set pretty precisely, but it works really well. I use a router table.
You can also use sandpaper, a file, etc. I do not recommend power sanding because it usually heats too fast and the acrylic melts.
For finish sanding I recommend MicroMesh. They are designed for plastic. Then finish it with polish for headlights.

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OMG!! I clicked it… the “Example”. I have been charging way less than $695 for a 2.5"x4"x6" acrylic box. I need to adjust my prices. :rofl: :joy:

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