Acrylic masking PITA

I can’t for the life of me get this darn masking off of the PG acrylic!!! I’ve tried gorillla tape, soaking it and using a plastic kitchen scraper (still waiting for my plastic razors from Amazon).

I’m planning on making more of these tracing mats and don’t want to spend hours on this.

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That’s quite strange. All the masking I’ve had has been a bit hard to get started, but it peels clean off. You may want to contact support, it’s possible there was a manufacturing defect.


I second this^^.
Never saw that behavior in any GF masking. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Ugh! Okay, I will do so tomorrow. I have some more acrylic coming from GF so I will see what happens with that.

Our basement is kept at 70 degrees, that shouldn’t be an issue should it?

I will be sure to contact them tomorrow. Thanks!

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Mineral Spirits will do the trick as well, but requires a bit more attention during cleanup.

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My Father suggested WD-40 but I’m giving this to a child. I’m afraid to use it even though I will be washing it off.

Can I get something similar to what you showed in the picture at my local hardware store?

I appreciate your help!

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I had some very old 1/2" acrylic that was very difficult to remove the mask. I let it soak in some Googone (found at hardware stores) which is a citrus cleaner and is what they use at schools to clean all kinds of sticky stuff off. It washes off well.

But this Proofgrade masking shouldn’t do that. I have never had masking stick like that from Glowforge. Recent purchase? Might be a Problems and Support issue here.


WD-40 will work as well. After removing the masking paper you can wash the acrylic in something like Dawn dish soap.


I have some year-old Proofgrade clear acrylic and the masking is kinda weird on those sheets too. It won’t come off in one clean piece, and sometimes the paper separates from the adhesive. It might just be the age of those sheets for me, IDK.

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I have some citrus wipes I will try. If that doesn’t work I will get some GooGone. Thank you! I’m surprised this happened as I just received this acrylic.

It’s 8-Degrees outside today so I won’t be able to do the WD-40. I just received the sheets and was surprised that the masking didn’t come off easily.

try putting olive oil on it for about 15 mins

@eabartus try olive oil before spending more money on chemical stuff

Honestly, since it’s PG, I wouldn’t waste time on trying a million different things. I’d just leave it to Problems & Support. I think it’s likely they’ll send you a new piece.

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i agree w/@christym. let GF take care of it.

that said, while i’ve never had this issue with PG, i have had it with other acrylic with brown paper masking. but usually only when it’s fairly old.

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