Acrylic masking removal FIX!

I searched YouTube this morning on how to get rid of stubborn acrylic masking. One person tried olive oil and let it sit for 5-10 minutes and was able to peel the masking off.

As skeptical as I was I decided to try it…it WORKED!!! I left the olive oil on much longer than 10 minutes and could peel the masking and glue off with my hands. Washed off my project with soap and water.


I’ve also heard remove the masking before you start and covering the acrylic in dish soap instead - never tried it myself

Interesting! The video where I heard about the olive oil said that the masking can stick if the acrylic gets cold.

I’m wondering if this is what happened as it was shipped via UPS? However, I did let it warm up overnight. I’ve emailed support regarding this issue.

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