Acrylic Melts Back Together

Does anyone have any tips to prevent acrylic welding back together before you get a chance to weed it?

It sounds like your cuts may be overpowered. Try backing off the power or increasing speeds so you just cut through and no more.


how thick is the acrylic you’re trying to cut?

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Is this Proofgrade acrylic? What speed/power are you using?


if it’s 1/8", then @ekla is right. you’re probably overpowering significantly. i only get that melt back issue when i’m cutting really thick acrylic (like 3/8 or 1/2"). if you use standard PG settings on 1/8" acrylic, that should never be an issue.

unless, of course, it’s not cast or extruded acrylic, but some other type that may not cut well in a laser cutter.


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