Acrylic Office Sign

I work for a small company in the Boston area. Being Boston there are tons of old unique buildings but ours happens to be the first industrial mill complex in the United States - its where the industrial revolution started. We have a really neat space and we’ve been there about 10 years. When we moved in a hasty sign was printed and taped to the door - 10 years later it was still there. We decided to laser cut something and my boss gave me free range to implement a design. This is what I came up with (with the help of a couple colleagues)!


It’s three layers of proofgrade acrylic sandwiched together. I think it looks pretty classy!

Everyone liked it so much I’m making a second one for our other door! up next: the door number!


Love it!

Very professional.
Good job.

Yes. My second thought after the sign.

Nice looking sign.


hah, my reaction too!

very clean and architectural.

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That is really sharp! I like how you can see the layers from the side.

Very sleek. Looking forward to seeing the door number next… no pressure! :slight_smile:

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Looks fantastic. May I ask, what font is that?

Wow, that is one classy looking sign! (I think I blew past it thinking it was a pro job! Apologies!) ROFL! :grinning::+1:

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Nothing fancy just Century Gothic

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How did you handle all of the small pieces inside the letters?

I scored an outline on the black sheet so I knew where to put all the little white letters. I also left the masking on to help guide. Using some slower activating super glue helped with lining things up.


Smart idea! I’ve had a few projects where keeping track of all of those small inside pieces is a bit of a challenge. This one looks like a challenge as well!

haha yes it was! I got to the office to put it together and realized I was missing the inside of an ‘A’ - it ended up in the crumb tray…

One thing I did which helped was immediately after cutting I threw a piece of masking tape over the cuts. This did a pretty good job of keeping it all together until I was ready to assemble.