Acrylic paint

Hello all! What do you do to fill in laser engraved acrylic with paint?! I’m making some ornaments and I feel like there has to be an easier way. Currently, I’m hand painting with acrylic paint (multiple layers) with the masking on then peeling back the masking and scraping excess paint off with my nails.

Anyone have any better techniques that don’t involve scratching up the acrylic?!


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I use spray paint. It’s faster and thinner, so not much build up or residue to scrap off.


Do you have to do multiple coats? And it scrapes off fine??

Depends on what I’m using, and I usually keep the masking on until it’s dry. Acrylic scratches easily, but also gets cloudy if you use stuff to clean it up. For example, I use alcohol to clean everything, but it has made my acrylic cloudy a couple of times (this is clear acrylic), so I usally just use it to clean the paint off the cut edges and then remove the masking.

But it’s alot easier than working with a paintbrush. I’m a mess, I can’t paint or glue.


Haha I feel the same way!! Thanks for the tips!!

I do a lot of acrylic painting and I use the mask>engrave>spray paint>mask>engrave>spray paint>and on and on… method. :stuck_out_tongue: I suggest using something other the cruddy Krylon stuff and go for a good graffiti spray paint because they have a lot of pigment in them. I like Ironlak paint, but Montana Gold and several others are great too.


Ooooo, I love the designs and the lovely paint jobs as well.