Acrylic pour on draftboard/sealant recommendations?

Hi! I am wanting to do an acrylic pour on some of the proofgrade draftboard material. Does anybody know if it would be okay to do an acrylic pour/a varnish or a gloss to top it off? Is draftboard tricky to work with? This would be for an outdoor sign. Is there a seal that would protect the paint job and the draftboard from the weather?


I did an acrylic pour on some white mdf the other day - all the paint fell off the next day when it had dried!!! The whiteboard stuff does not work. I know that’s not the answer to your question, but I thought you might find it funny :slight_smile:


I have not done this, but I do know that draftboard falls apart if it gets wet - so after you did your pour you’d want to leave it for a lot longer to make sure any of the paint that was sucked into the board has also had time to dry. If you manage that, then a sealant may work - but if there is any tiny crack water will get it and it’ll dissolve.

I would strongly suggest doing the pour onto a piece of acrylic which will do much much better outdoors and should avoid the sliding off issue that @sqw spoke of.

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You can do an acrylic pour over a sheet of acrylic?

I’ve never used an acrylic pour, but I use a lot of draftboard painted with regular craft acrylic paints and then sealed with a clear sealer, front and back, on a lot of interchangeable ornaments I do for porch leaners (welcome signs). I haven’t had anyone complain about them not lasting. Our daughter lives in Reno and she’s been doing it for two years with no problems, and they get a lot of cold and snow. If nothing else, to me it’s worth a shot as a test to see how it works. Then you can let us know how it did!


You can definitely use acrylic paint on acrylic - I’ve not done pours, but I’ve painted acrylic on acrylic quite a bit.


might want to try a clearcoat on the draftboard (mdf) before you do your pour. Then another coat once the paint dries. And make sure you get those edges clear coated well because as stated above, mdf will just disintegrate when it gets wet.


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