Acrylic purchased, thank you!

EDIT: acrylic found. Thank you for all the help!

Will pay $9.50 + shipping. I thought I had enough! I need one FULL sheet of 1/8" clear acrylic ASAP. I’m making a sample for a potential large client so please, help me out here C: I’m in Fuquay Varina NC.

Or please help point me to a sheet I can get quicker. Inventables is too slow, GlowForge is too slow, and I don’t know enough about acrylic to shop on Amazon or anywhere else. I know there are other sources but unless they have 2 days shipping it won’t help.

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Plastics supply? There are several in RDU area.

Plus many Home Depot and Lowes locations, but I believe most people say they only carry extruded, not cast.

35 minute drive.

$6.35 plus shipping:

(My point is that you can probably walk in to a place and pick up within 48 hours. No messy shipping uncertainty, even now 2 day shipping is no guarantee.)


Thank you! Have you used eStreet? I’m thinking to get theirs, and pay express shipping. Debating getting many but would prefer to know if people actually like it.

Estreet is great. Lots of people can vouch.

Cast acrylic is cast acrylic more or less. Lots of retailers are experiencing delays, not sure if estreet is one of them. Since your 2 days is ironclad, you might want to try calling them or something.

(yes there are other types of cast acrylic, but you’d know, they’d be called out)

At the top of their page: “Due to the high demand of plastic sheets at this time, allow
at least 4 weeks or longer before an order ships.”


Cast acrylic is all the same. At least, nobody has ever reporting issues with one supplier or another.

Thanks! Yeah it looks like they said up to four weeks. Going to try calling again (their voice mailbox is full)

Good to know. Wish Home Depot had cast acrylic.

OH RIGHT. It’s Saturday.

The local hardware sotores in my area and wood suppliers usually have a few full 4’x8’ sheets of clear acrylic in stock. Not sure if you have tried looking there. You can usually get them to chop it up for you in the store as well :slight_smile:

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see if you have a grainger in your area. mine doesn’t have a ton of acrylic in stock, but they can get it next day in stock if you order. and they have plenty of clear cast options.


So where did you find it?

I went with an Etsy seller for this time. Because they were able to ship out today. Good reviews on their cast acrylic. Was about $7.50 per sheet of 11.5x19.5


EStreet’s delay is longer than 4 weeks…I ordered June 20th, emailed them yesterday to check on my order and was told it will ship in about 10 days… I don’t know what their expedited shipping would be, but hopefully shorter than that!

I have the exact same issue with e street currently. I ordered June 21, the site said 2-3 weeks at that time. Haven’t seen it yet.

Bummer that this had to be your first post, but welcome!

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