Acrylic scratch resistance

I’m considering making led acrylic keychains using something like this. But I was wondering how likely the acrylic would be to get scratched when in constant close proximity to keys. Has anyone made anything similar?

Scratches easily but generally not a concern.

Simple search, might yield what you’re after.

Your search returns… this thread, and this thread only. :smiley:

Most materials on a keychain will get scratched over time. I don’t think anyone would expect any differently. I think it tends toward fine/surface scratches which makes it look more hazy. But it’s a keychain, so it’s not the sort of thing I’d worry about.

Actually, now that you said that, it reminds me - most of the keychains I’ve made have been on clear frosted acrylic. I’ve made gift tags that double as ornaments (think rearview mirror) from smooth clear.

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Not on my search results it doesn’t. Sometimes discourse search links are weird. Try searching for “acrylic keychain”. It sounds dumb to say so, because I’m sure the OP already did, but then we have this new thread so I’m thinking maybe not?

Yup. Now it is showing more for me as well. The search link includes this thread as “context” so, as you said, just forum software weirdness.

I did search before posting, but none of the threads that came up mentioned scratches/scratch resistance.

Given hat your scratch resistance needs are probably fairly specific, I bet your best shoe here would be to take a scrap acrylic piece and shake it in a bag with some keys for a while and see what happens.

I can only tell you that keys are definitely going to scratch acrylic over time — but I suspect you know that — so now it’s just a question of how much is too much for you.

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(I wasn’t the one suggesting you search. I’ve never seen the topic of scratches come up either…)

Right. I was. Because if it were me I’d have asked on one of the many threads on this topic already rather than starting a new thread for a question that can‘t really be answered in any empirically meaningful way. it’s all subjective, so I’d have asked people who have done this before about the longterm outlook in their threads (Or dm) just to keep the duplication to a minimum.

This way works too I suppose.

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I guess I have a different approach – I’d rather see a specific discussion of scratches, then trying to weed through multiple other threads where scratches may or may not be discussed.

I will either do that, or just create a small piece that I start to carry around.


I created a 35x40mm baby yoda keychain and will start to carry it around. I will update this thread roughly monthly.

Here is the fresh image:


Looks a little bulky?

The acrylic is 35x40x3mm. This is about the same size as a keychain momento I have right now. The acrylic blanks from xstron are 50x60x10mm, so they are actually larger and thicker. If this experiment goes well, I was planing to cut my own blanks from 1/4", to reduce the bulk.

You may also have been referring to the base I was using to get light into the acrylic. yes, these are the standard EEEkit ones from amazon. They are not part of the keychain experiment.

I’ve made literally hundreds of acrylic keychains, with no real issues. I have an 18 year old daughter who has the ability to break an anvil with a rubber hammer…I’ve replaced every wooden keychain i’ve ever made her, some multiple times. But her acrylic ones are still hanging in there and still look good.

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Thanks for the info. I’ll likely place the order along with some other items (night lights, pendants, and bases) to amortize the shipping costs.

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