Acrylic sheets needed

I need 12x20 clear acrylic sheets, but glowforge is always sold out. Does anyone know a good place to buy these sheets? Everywhere I’ve found they’re super expensive.



Search the forum for “acrylic source”. It’s been covered many times, you’ll find answers immediately.

This trick works for any material you might want.


If you have Tap Plastics nearby, they usually have cast acrylic sheets available–either as scrap (sizes can vary) or you can have cut to size.

One reason prices seem crazy for many places, is they factor in the time/labor it takes for them to cut the sheets down from larger panels most industrial shops use to the small sizes we need for the GF or other small units, as well as not set up for shipping smaller sizes. But there are more sites offering smaller pieces–you’ll just need to google in general, or search here in the forum as many have been noted in other threads.

I found some local fabricators that sell their scrap, though sometimes I have to cut what I get from them (jig saw works great for that).

Wow, they went quick. They were in stock earlier in the week after being out of stock for a while. Don’t know if you have access to a saw, but you could order the PG 20x48 and cut it down to 12x20; this would be a bit cheaper than 4 sheets too.

Your best bet is to search online for local plastic/acrylic sources near you. Estreet Plastic, Canal and Tap are some of the more common store names.

eStreetPlastics is my new favorite vendor. They have 11.75 by 19 sheets that work just like Proofgrade, just without the bar code. Their shipping is faster and they have better pricing and volume discounts. I just ordered a batch for customer project and it came out to about 1/2 the price of Proofgrade. I had the whole shipment in just under a week.

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Ironically GF gave me 4 clear sheets of acrylic and I haven’t used any of it yet

Yes, my main go to esp. for colors but their regular is excellent. And yes, shipping and price are top notch.

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