Acrylic sheets on sale

I know it’s not proofgrade, but I see that BF Plastics is having a sell on Romark-brand acrylic sheets. (

It’s all 1/16", some laser, some laser-iffy. Price at $10 for a 2’x4’ sheet is pretty good. Think you have to have an account to order, but it wasn’t too hard to set up.

There’s also a Romark page that talks about laser capabilities of their different lines. (


Thanks for the lead. Those are fantastic prices.

For anyone else interested, their stock is selling out quickly. A good number of the items I selected were already out of stock.


Same here. Still unsure of what shipping costs will be, but I have a pile of 12x24 quarter-sheets on order now.


That’s why I ordered before I posted it.


thanks for the tip.
Creating an account now.

Lol, the guy I talked to said they were SWAMPED today… it’s only gonna get worse, buddy!!

Yes, The lady I spoke with said the same.
I may not get an account before the bins are empty.


I just got a UPS shipping notice, 17.2lbs. No invoice yet…

Invoice received. $33 shipping. Very happy with this haul of 23 sheets of two tone, solid and metallic acrylic sheets for under $100. Should hold me for quite some time.

Thanks again @shollg!


I wonder why They are discontinuing so many of the row mark 2 tone, or if Rowmark is just updating their catalog with new formulas and numbers ?

two big engraving suppliers - BF Plastics and Johnson Plastics. Johnson bought Romark, BF no longer carries. BF now has the Duets line.

Might be mistaken on Johnson Plastics buying Romark, but they seem to be tied tightly to them as PF Plastics now is to Duets.Sort of a Coke/Pepsi thing.

Got mine too: 57 lbs of material, $66 shipping.


Makes sense.

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Called to setup my account with them this morning. The gal who answered had a tone in her voice of “it’s another one of these calls, what is going on out there?”.

Very pleasant to talk to, just wondering what brought a sudden influx of accounts for the discontinued material.


Thanks for posting this…I just put in a huge order :grinning:


I could not get the account set up, so I figured I would just let it go.
Today they emailed me, the sale is still on!
Tried one more time to validate the account… VIOLA!

I started with a conservative $200 cart, whittled it down to $51.50 and ordered.

They have a lot. Probably not the most common stuff. No solid black, few white. Lots of two-color stuff. So something like 19 quarter sheets in varying thickness in my custom sample pack.

There’s still time if you want to check it out.

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The first day of the sale they laughed every time I asked about a red product.
Red goes real fast!

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I have had my box for a few weeks; but here’s what I got.

Comparing prices now, I think it was a great price for these acrylics.


So I just got my shipment yesterday. Anybody have any advice on engrave/cut settings for the 1/16" stuff?