Acrylic Shelves and Stands



Grey Lightning is back with another great how to video

Weekly Highlights for the Week ending January 21, 2017

Thanks for this–that was so much fun! I especially like semicircular display unit–would be great for jewelry.

I’d like to be her next-door neighbor.


I made a handful of stands using virtually the same techniques. However, I prefer curves instead of squares. If my girls go back to sleep(6:52 am now, been up since about 5:00am) soon I’ll get a couple pics up.


My wife’s meteorite collection is getting a new home when our :glowforge: arrives… :sunglasses:


Finally I know how I’m going to display all of my Firefly stuff!


I may adapt these ideas to a counter top display for my decals and postcards to give to retail stores that carry my products. I have been working on a design but I’ll revisit it now based on this video. Thanks!


I have never heard of Grey Lightning before but this might have just become one of my favorite YouTube channels.


Oh, this sort of thing is perfect for Fusion 360 and a parametric design, thanx for sharing.


She’s so awesome. I love this video


I’ve just subscribed, she make a lot o cool stuff :smiley:


Wow, I love those! Such a simple idea. Would be great for my brother’s Warhammer collection. I would probably do some detail engraves on the sides or the front.


Wow. I will be subscribing to her channel. What a great find.


My daughter makes miniatures out of clay. Now she will get a display case to show them off.


Nice! Thanks for posting