Acrylic signage


So I was laying out some branding for my new creative business endeavor and decided to make some signage out of :proofgrade: red and white medium acrylic. I used super glue to attach the two. All stock settings for cutting.


That is awesome! I have quite a few ideas for similar signs, and seeing this makes me even more excited to be able to make mine!


This looks amazing! Love the contrast! :star_struck:


I love how acrylic makes that pop! This is where my interest lies too.


Looks great!


that looks like it would make an interesting escutcheon.


So clean and nice!


Wow! 'Go Jonny Go, Go! :musical_note:


Sex-ay! Seriously, the font, design and materials look just great.


Whoa that looks sharp! (Makes me wish I needed acrylic signs for something.) :smile:


Same here!


I love everything about this. But especially the name Jonny Makes!


Thanks Tom!


Looks great man, love the gear!


Sweet - I’m intrigued by the simplicity and contrast. Jonny Makes … stunning signs!


Very nice !


That’s really nice. Makes me rethink my stock of 2-layer acrylic just a little :slight_smile:


Wow that looks great! It really Pops!