Acrylic Signs

I watched a Video of this guy that made his owm Laser Cutter and he was engraving signs for light up LED Signs and he was using Dishsoap to engrave. Has anybody on here try that

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Search is your best resource!


So you have used Dishsoap before. Does it make the Machine Engrave better or Smoother rather then Engraving through the Protection paper. Im new to the Glowforge so that is why I’m asking these Questions and I really appreciate your help. Thank you

Folks use soap on glass mostly, it spreads the heat and lessons the likelihood of cracking. Read through the threads that @evansd2 posted - you won’t get a yes/no answer as everyone has an opinion (on every subject!) but you’ll get a lot of good info.


What she said. I have never tried it, it always seemed like voodoo or compensating for improperly hot settings.

Then again I’m just one Rando on the internet, so I referred you to those other deep dives on the matter. :slight_smile:


whatever you give out is very helpful to people like me and like i said before i value everyones opinions. Now i have another question and i hope someone can help me out. My Question is if I draw a picture and put it in the Glowforge Machine itself can i get to take pictures and send them to the computer. If so how would i go about it or maybe someone can recommend a progran to draw lines. Thank for Everyones Imput I Appreciate it

You can use the ‘trace’ function of the Glowforge, but whatever image you get will go directly into the GFUI so you can cut or engrave it. You can’t export that to your computer. You would do well for yourself to begin learning a design app so you can create some great things to make with your Glowforge. Many people use Inkscape, which is a free app. If you do a search here in the forum, you will find answers to most all of your questions. Best of luck!

So what you mean by the GFUI that is the Glowforge Program in my Computer Correct. Im new and just learning.

I appreciate your Help thank you very much

Sounds like you would appreciate going through this tutorial on the support page. It will teach you a bunch of the basics, teach you a bunch of the :glowforge: vocabulary, and walk you through using Inkscape which is a free vector design program.

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You’re very welcome. Keep at it and things will get better and easier. Yes…it’s the Glowforge app where you can see the bed of your laser and see the material that you’re going to use. I wholeheartedly second the suggestion made by @deirdrebeth.

Yeah I make Furniture so what I’m using the Glowforge for is the make Salesman Samples for my work. And also Doll House Furniture. So what you mean by going

yeah i have inkscape so iguess i need to start practicing

Actually you can—I’ve done it. The design export process works just like other design exports (Export Design under the three dots menu).

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Omigosh…my apologies! Didn’t mean to share misinformation.

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