Acrylic Snowflake Ornaments


Someone may have posted something similar in the past, but this is what I just made! I’m hoping the acrylic will catch the christmas lights for some nice sparkle.


Yes! The lights will make them sparkle! Thanks for the designs :sunglasses:

Explore the options, it’s so much fun!


Those will definitely light up your tree. Thank you.


Super! Thank you!

I tried it thanks for the inspiration!


That pattern is so pretty!!

Hey, Nice! They will help sparkle up the tree. :sunglasses:
Over the years we have gathered several different strings of those lights, and I found a few different sizes of bulb. :roll_eyes:

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Very pretty, … thank you for sharing… how do I find the design file?


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Right click the image on top (if you’re on windows) and it should allow you to “save as” an svg that you can upload onto the glowforge app!

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Thanks for the design! I love it–cutting one now :slight_smile:

Very nice! And acrylic ornaments are great for those who have cats (or other nosy pets) or young children in the house! (A bit more durable than glass)

Thanks for asking that question - as I could not figure it out either

I subscribe to a clipart service called

Newbie question: When I try to save this design, it only gives me the options of png or bitmat files. I have latest updates to Windows 10 and Edge. No svg option. The uploaded file will only engrave, not cut. The glowforge app is reading it as a bitmap. What am I doing wrong?

Edge does not support download of SVG files. Use a different browser (recommend Chrome)…

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Thanks. I’ve been playing with this for a long time today. I just found the work-around for Edge. I had to open the source image, then I could save as svg.

I saw you are a Texas gal, if you don’t mind me asking where in Texas are you? I am in Spring, just outside of Houston. I have only been a Glowforge user for about a year.

thank you, these are beautiful.

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