Acrylic Solvent Caddy


Below is the SVG file for the storage caddy in this thread: Storage/Carry Caddy for Acrylic Weld Solvent

Note: if you use the file as-is, it MUST be glued to stay together. I simply pre-assembled it, wrapped a couple rubberbands around it then hit the joints with a bead of CA glue.

I did remove the artwork because… hey, ya’ll need to customize your own! :smiley:

Acrylic Solvent Organizer (1.9 KB)


Thanks @mpipes !! I’ll put it in good use when the time comes :wink:


Thanks. That was an “elegant” solution.


Muchas Gracias! :grinning:


Thanks a lot for this!


Sweet :smile: thank you.


Seems it should just because it is a glue bottle caddy :slight_smile:


Thanks for this, a very practical item that I will build very soon.


If someone would make one using acrylic and use the solvent to put it together, it would be epic. :slight_smile:

Oooh! And then edge light the artwork on the back. :slight_smile:


That sounds like something @mpipes would… oh. :wink:


I did think about it… but then I would have to get more solvent and bottles to fill it, cause I can’t have an empty storage space sitting around here and I can’t throw anything away. :smiley: