Acrylic Solvent Syringes

Thought this would be worth sharing as I just broke a syringe and needed a replacement - I feel like this is a stupid amount of blunt syringes for $10 for acrylic solvent that just arrived via UPS today.

25 pack of various sizes of blunt syringes

And the big sizes could be used with solvent that’s been thickened up with dissolved acrylic maybe. Frankly, i’m going to use some for filling fountain pens :wink:


Definitely have paid that much for a pack of 10. Thats a great deal. They’re good for ink and paint color mixing (so you can easily recreate exact colors).

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If all you are using is acrylic solvent cement, you only really need one syringe and a batch of the red tips. I use a squeeze bottle and just buy the tips, but several other users prefer the syringe.

Perfect for precision placement.
Syringes are an excellent (the chosen) method of dispensing acrylic solvent for me. Sometimes under magnification just to ensure adequate but not excessive quantity. A drop too much and you’re #%&*!

The best method for solder placement in jewelry making. Pick up the scrap of soldier with a bead of flux on the tip of the needle, and place it on the joint, wetting it also.


I figured I’d only need one too, but after a few days of using it with the sci-grip 4, the rubber plunger started to get very difficult to move up and down within the tube. Eventually the plastic plunger pulled right out of the rubber bit and I couldn’t get it back in.

Since it was a Luer lock i was able to save that bit though and buy a box of sharp ones at the tractor supply store and swap it out for the blunt one i had.

Have you tried Tractor Supply? I used to buy lots of syringes there. Plus I have a diabetic kitty and have a stupid amount of little tiny syringes with needles attached. Many places let you buy them with no problem if they are for animal use.

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Also hobby shops have many options, such as fine teflon tube tips that can be cut back…