Acrylic Source



*I’m in no way recommending this place yet since I’ve only just placed an order and haven’t seen any examples of their wares.

I found this Falken* place last night when I was looking for transparent yellow 1/8" acrylic. Their selection seems good, especially in the fact that, for each color, they offer variable levels of transparency. The pricing seems decent enough at ~$9 for a 12" x 12" sheet. So I ordered a few sheets and we’ll see what happens!


Thanks for sharing!!
Almost time for you to start having fun!!!


I am counting the hours.


And pacing I’m sure!


Leg bouncing. :wink:

Worst part is, it’s going to come here to the office, I’m going to HAVE it, and have to work the rest of the day while the box sits there and mocks me.


And more leg bouncing!! It’ll be calling your name and the crate will be creeking asking you to open it!!


So, you broke down and ordered more stuff to burn. I know clear acrylic is in the :proofgrade: sample pack shipped, so colored acrylic ia a good choice. I, on the other hand, have a starter supply on hand.

I ordered from Inventables and already. That’s acrylic, engraveable 2 color acrylic, MDF, “Fun Foam” and Hardwood/Ply. The black stuff in the middIe is scrap from some other projects. Not really for the :glowforge:, but it might engrave. I ordered most of this stuff about the time I made this T-shirt:

I guess it’s time that I updated it!

Thanks for the link and good luck with the acrylic and all your projects.

Edited to reflect that clear acrylic IS in the starter pack. I was so excited about the beautiful pre finished wood that I forgot about this.


Nice buys!

Actually, though, my sample pack had 2 sheets of clear acrylic in it. I don’t think all sample packs contain the same samples, however.


12"x12" yellow transparent acrylic is $3.99 from (my regular supplier)
The shipping is a bit high if you order small amounts though.
1 would cost $12.40 with shipping but if you bought 10, they would only be $4.99 each with shipping




If my local sign shops dont have what I need (they sell scrap cheaply), I go to their source which is Piedmont Plastics. I buy a lot of different things from them like PETG, sintra, acrylic etc. They generally come in 4’x8’ sheets.


Yeah…none in Oklahoma :unamused:
I buy scraps from a few local shops but they usually only have extruded. :disappointed:


I bought this from Amazon. It looks like the 8-pack is only available in clear, though. Single sheets are a LOT more expensive.


Thanks! I’ll check them out!


It’ll be like Poe’s Tell-Tale Heart, but a glowing circle instead of a heartbeat. Good luck fighting the afternoon’s ensuing sanity checks.


As I look around startled… “Who keeps whispering “laaaa----serrrrrrr”?!”


You’re starting to look a little pale. Are you sure you’re feeling well enough to work? :wink:


mine, too.


But, it would be real torture to be sick at home when his laser is being delivered to work. :astonished:


Haha I know! I’m saying, after his glowforge is delivered, he mysteriously comes down with a 48 hour sickness… so he has Thursday, Friday off to play. :slight_smile: