Acrylic Thickness, Bed Size & Ventalation Questions


hi there! Been reading up lots on your company and laser and it’s all super exciting. I’d love to buy an epilog but can’t afford the $15k price tag, and have heard horror stories of Chinese lasers. It’s great to know there is a laser in the works that’s actually affordable for someone just starting out :slight_smile: I am wondering what thickness acrylic it will be able to cut. I’m looking to cut 1/8" also you have the dimensions of the machine listed, but what is the max bed size of the materials you can put into the laser? Also do you know yet what kind of ventalation will be required since you are marketing this as more of a large desktop cutter. Can’t wait to hear more!



Thanks for your post! We’re really excited about bringing the cost of this technology down, and making it far easier to use as well. While most of the details will have to wait until we launch later this year, you’ll have no problem getting through 1/4" acrylic.




hi dan,

Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly. Wow 1/4 acrylic - that’s awesome! I am definitely keeping an eye out for all of the details to come!




out of curiosity, any comments on bed size? We’re pricing things out right now and just heard about your project…



We haven’t announced this yet, but stay tuned as we will soon. What size are you looking for, and what sort of projects are driving that size decision? It’s great to hear what people are thinking about.



Well, we are about to purchase a 24’ CNC fabric cutter for our business of making bags. We also need a laser cutter that can handle at least 28" wide material (54" would be the dream width), preferably with a pass through…We don’t expect to use it enough to justify spending $20k and being able to do 3D surface engraving would be really cool.



We’d be doing pattern cutting, fabric cutting for sample packs and also engraving of metal objects (growlers, cups etc) for our corporate schwag…

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Very cool! It sounds like you want something a bit bigger than a desktop machine, which is what we’re working on, though.


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