Acrylic Tie Fighter Ornament

Finally moved my machine into my house after 5 months of getting it! First time with proofgrade!

File here:


It’s a cool design! I gave one set to a friend last Christmas and he loved them :smile:

Looks awesome, inspired me to have a go as my nephew would love one of those. What thickness is the acrylic @cindyhodesigns?

Nice job! How many times have you flown it around going pew pew pew? Just me?

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I’ve done a few of those in wood… Looks RAD in acrylic… wondering now about black acrylic… hmmm…

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Oh, that turned out beautifully! :grinning:

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This is 1/8 (3.175mm) thick

My son has but I did that once :joy:


Un be liev able!

Love it in acrylic!

Question to those who’ve used the Thingiverse files - I looked at the EPS and SVG files and there are all kinds of unconnected lines. What’s the secret to making these work?

Those allow the pieces to stay in place until the person I ready to do the “Puzzle”. The part that isn’t cut is very small. You can just snap them out, or if you prefer, close them off in the program of your choice.

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I believe this is a cleaned up version of the SVG:

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Found them! Thanks!

Using the “punch out” version will allow you to cut them, and then send them in a Christmas card, for the recipient to assemble.

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Or send them out on May 4th !!!


I have found my people. :smiley:


This thread made me happy. #DarthsHaveFeelingsToo


Have you gotten into trying Fusion360 yet? I shared a parametric model in the Free Designs category that allows you to scale the model up or down, and specify your own material thickness, and everything adjusts automatically for you.

My OCD level went into Hyperdrive when I tried combing through C4 Labs’ file. LOL.