Acrylic Wall Mount for Oculus Quest (Design Files)

Here are the files for my Oculus Quest wall mount design. I cut the mount from Proofgrade Thick Green Glass Acrylic and, the heat forms from Proofgrade Medium Draftboard, all with stock settings.

I am sharing these under the standard terms for this section of the forum: personal use only. Contact me if you want to do something commercial with this.

The red-brown and purple outlines are the main cuts. I just used the standard Thick Acrylic Proofgrade settings for those. I separated them out of habit for preferring to cut from the inside out.

The pale green rectangles are for position of the Command Strips, if you want to use those. You probably don’t want to cut or score them.

If you want to use screws to mount it instead, the gray circles would be engraved to an appropriate depth for the heads of the screws with the inner red circles cut through. These were set up for #6 screws. I didn’t go this route. So, you are on your own for the appropriate engrave settings. Ideally, you would run tests on a scrap.

I cut the forms from Medium Draftboard. Any inexpensive 1/8” thick wood-based stock should work fine.

The easiest way to understand making the bends is to watch the video. Basically, you want to localize the heat to where you want each bend as much as possible and, brace adjacent areas you don’t want bent or deformed to keep them from bending. Bending the main necks of the controller hooks before turning up the ends of the prongs is probably best. It is likely also easier to bend the controller hooks without the central hook being in the way of setting it down flat.

This is all also on my website but, there is nothing there that is not here except referral links. (3.8 KB)


Nice design, and solution to keep the hardware off of the desk! :sunglasses:
That green glass acrylic rocks for anything one might use clear for.


This is great! We have two sets. I may burn the house down with the heating and bending part but I’m going to give it a shot!!.. Ours are currently laying in the cats stand…


The green glass acrylic really sets it off nicely. :yum:


I look forward to hearing how it goes!

Already done and up!! And made a second one for the other headset! My bends are a little wonky but thats ok. Thanks so much for sharing.


Wow, you move fast! Looks good!

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Your great video (which I had to pause and rewatch a few times ) was very helpful!! Only had 1/8 frosted acrylic but looks fine… will make a different color when I get more colors in…
Cant wait to show the hubby tonight when he gets home… Im super stoked… hahaha

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I don’t have an Oculus Rift. But I watched the whole thing anyway. To garner Techniques on bending and cutting acrylic. Very nice, thank you.


Brilliant- my headset is on the floor, too!

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Do you think this could be used for the HTC Vive? I would love to get it off the floor of my boys room! Lol!

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You could certainly give it a shot!

I don’t have a Vive with which to test it. Looking at photos, the headset hook should work. The hangers for the controllers might need adjustment.

You could cut one out of corrugated cardboard (like from a shipping box)[1] and, get a feel for if it would work from that, before you make it in acrylic.

[1] Watch your machine carefully when cutting cardboard and acrylic since those are optimal for starting a fire.

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Thank you so much for your suggestions! Newbie here so any and all suggestions are welcome.

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Thank you so much!

I made one as a gift for a friend… they were thrilled.

This was my first time bending acrylic, and I found the video very helpful.


Looks great! Good work!

Thank you so much for sharing your process. Using forms to bend is a much better plan than mine of Winging It! ::slight_smile:

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That’s an awesome design, thanks! Please share away, I’m interested in learning.

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this is so cool! is this for any type of acrylic? i have the sheet that arrived with the glowforge. Can i try it on that?

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Thank you!

It should work well with any ~1/4" thick acrylic (including “Proofgrade Thick Acrylic”). The thinner stuff might be a little more fragile. @charlesandkelley made one with the 1/8" thick stuff (“Proofgrade Medium Acrylic”) and, said it was fine, though.

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