Acryllic Scraps For Sale

Figured I’d post here before I go to the trouble of making Etsy sales for these: I am selling, for the cost of shipping (from Madison, WI) plus $5, some still-usable scraps (especially if you make jewelry). They’re too small for anything I make, and I’m moving, so it’s time to get these out the door.

Small flat rate box of 1/8" clear and 1/4" glass green acrylic scrap. Some is proofgrade, most isn’t:

Small flat rate box of miscellaneous colors of 1/8" acrylic, including a bunch of blue on white and green on white (and I think some orange):

Weird random silver mailer I think is like 9x12" of miscellaneous 1/8" baltic birch and 1/4" (actually 5mm) Columbia cherry and maple plywood, I believe all under 1 1/8" wide:

If you’re interested, message me your mailing address and I can let you know what shipping would be before you make a commitment. Thank you!

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I’m not on the market for materials but wanted to say good luck with the move — moving is always a big production. Where to?


Rochester, NY! My wife got a tenure track job and I work remote so I’ve already been following her around like a lost puppy for years.

Also if anyone in the ROC area can recommend makerspaces, toss me a link!


Oh I forgot to say: If you’re in the Madison, WI area and want to meet up, we can cut the USPS out of this whole scenario and it’s just the $5 :innocent:

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