Actual Bed Limits File

This may be stretching the category a bit, but… seemed to be a good fit. After recent struggles with engraving limits, and thanks to @rpegg doing some testing in an earlier post, I’ve drawn up an Illustrator file (and SVG) that I’m going to start using to ensure my jobs all fit within the ACTUAL limitations of the printer.

Thought I would share it in case it’s useful to everyone else.

Glowforge Size (669.5 KB)


Im pretty sure this will come in handy . thank you

how helpful, thanks for this!

So this is where I start getting out of my League, I know what it is but not sure how I go about using it. ?

Open it up in Adobe Illustrator
Than i bring in my SVG file to sit on top of it and depending on what Im doing I keep it in those lines , is there more to it ?

Anyone ?

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Thanks for doing this. Looks handy.
I see the Illustrator file, but not an SVG. Am I missing something?

I see the height is less than I’ve set my Inkscape default canvas to. Thanks, I’ll have to change that.

If you use illustrator, open this, use it to design and layout your cuts so that they will fit on the bed.
Then next time you start a new project, those dimensions should be available in your list and always design to that project size.
It isn’t an SVG; it’s a blank illustrator file because it isn’t a design; it’s the foundation of designing within the cut borders.