AD and AI Users Rejoice - is FIXED!

Over the long weekend, I received an email from Florian Festi (the creator of informing me that he’s finally found a solution to the viewbox origin issue that causes the generated SVGs to load with a Y origin of >9000 units.

Folks that have installed a local copy of should grab the latest commit from github.

Theonline generator was updated overnight, and it now delivering beautiful SVGs that are both correctly scaled for use in the GFUI and will load into AD without the need to manually adjust the viewbox and origin settings in the file.

This was well worth waiting a year!

@Xabbess @geek2nurse @B_and_D_T @dan_berry


Fixed for Illustrator users as well! No more zooming out a million times to find the design.


Thanks, @cynd11 – I didn’t realize this was an issue in AI as well. Even better!


Florian is amazing. Very responsive to suggestions and fixes.


Still a bunch of unconnected lines hard to Boolean or other games without fixing.

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