Ad on Marketplace on NPR!

Was listening to Marketplace on NPR and heard a Glowforge ad/pitch as a sponsor… pretty cool.

But tag line that you can etch directly on leather handbags? Might be a lot of new threads/complaints on the forum as folks try to figure out how to work with already made items that don’t fit under the head!


All those questions will get dumped to the community for not being “proof grade” handbags.

Not to mention not all leather handbags are veg tanned, or even leather in some cases. Could be dangerous to even try.



@hansepe - they don’t have to be veg tanned, just leather (chrome/oil - you must have good ventilation) - I’ve done quite a few. Hard sided ones? Not so much, but soft ones are quite easy to set up :slight_smile:


Neat to hear our relatively small niche world broadcast on big media. Thumbs up for the NPR choice too :heart_eyes_cat::+1:

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