Add Rotate by Single Increment Tool in ruler widget

I noticed that this was brought to the attention of GlowForge in December of 2020 and the thread was marked as closed. I would like GlowForge to re-visit this suggestion and implement it as soon as possible. Lining pieces up is hard enough. We need GlowForge to make our lives a tad bit easier by adding a simple rotation by single increment tool to the widget. Designers need the ability to rotate by a specific number other than degrees of 45.

I think most people do their designing in other programs.


Maybe not specifically custom designing but it helps with layout and being able to utilize as much space as possible. I will upload an original design and then import others to use up all the space possible.

I’m not sure why you’d have to type in a specific number of degrees to utilize space. You have free-form rotation already, with at least single degree freedom of motion via just mouse/touch.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention! I understand how that would be helpful.

We are always looking to add and improve, so I’ll share your suggestions with the product team. I hope they decide to go with it in a future version.

In the meantime, I’m going to move this post to ‘Everything Else’ so the conversation can continue!