Added a Santa Sleigh

First want to thank @willcfc for his dual Reindeer design. It’s a really cool project for this time of year.

Decided to add a very simple 3D Santa’s sleigh silhouette to the mix.

I shrunk the reindeer size to match the sleigh and allow multiple sleighs and four reindeer to a single sheet of Proofgrade. I won’t repost the reindeer SVG with the size change because those were originally his design, not mine. But feel free to do with the Santa sleigh what you wish. (Oh, and I should mention the red lines in the SVG are score lines. Don’t make the mistake of setting them to cut.) I tend to do a lot of quick simple designs instead of engraves. The sleigh and 2 reindeer take almost no time to process and 5 -1/2 minutes on a pro to cut.

Sleigh Runners PG Plain


Awesome! They look like they were made for each other! :grinning:


Well, thank you very much! I love the sleigh.


Very good Rick, perfect match. Thanks for sharing the season’s cheer. :sunglasses:


Excellent job! Looks perfect together!


Awesome job! I love how it turned out :santa:

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Oh man. I just went to bed. I’m tempted to sneak back down to the lab just to print this.


Very nice!

I can see I’ll need to add this to the reindeer I’ve already cut. :deer:

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What a great design! And thank you for giving this to the community.

I would however make Santa sit inside the sleigh using another crossbeam for santa to ‘sit’ on. That way the sleigh is just as 3D as the deer are.

Feel free.

I will next year. Or whenever they decide to ship across the pond.

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Wonderful! Thank you for sharing! Love you guys :slight_smile:

The Sleigh is fantastic, but I can’t find the SVG file. The image I can click on is a PNG. Am I missing I?

Right click on the outline sleigh and save-as (windows). It’s an SVG.

Alternately, you can click here, I’ve made a link directly to the SVG.


Thank you very much for the link, which did the trick for me!

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The Santa was kind of boring so I modified it a few months ago. This file was altered for some thicker material that I had. I think the thickness was about 0.188". That means if you decide to use the design below the notches will need to be resized for PG material.

Final Sleigh RunnersNewB.pdf (37.5 KB)

This is what the result looks like on cheap MDF.