Added flower garden

I wanted a little more to the tulip vase for a center piece, so I added a flower garden. Parts were tape together for photos. I want to be able to take it apart and lay flat for shipping to Texas for the wedding.


Very nice addition, took me a minute though with the green plant behind it in the photo :sunglasses:


These are all excellent opportunities to get creative with 3D design. Keep cranking them out, they’re inspiring all kinds of ideas. :grinning:

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Lol me too!

Really nice addition.

Heh. I was sure the plant was incorporated into the vase. Came out great! Let us know how the wedding goes.


It’s just so great that not only can we make personalized items for celebrations, but we can flat pack them for transfer. :slight_smile: “Practicality” makes me swoon (right behind “parsimony”).

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