Adding 12V / 5V into your GlowForge

So I want to add a camera, maybe a smoke detector, and who knows what else into my GlowForge, but I have a year warranty on it, so drilling into the case was VERBOTTEN :wink:
@evansd2 and I have been chatting back and forth on ways to add power he made a great suggestion of wireless power using a Qi, – and I was investigating where the wall was thin enough to pass the signal between the inside and the outside of the case… in doing so I discovered THIS

That’s Flat speaker cable – Like This Stuff

now I can solder any connectors I want and have whatever power I need!


You could send 100A down a cable that thick. A more reasonable 18 or 20 gauge set of wires would easily fit through seams in the case and still be good for >5A. A webcam would be expected to draw a few 100mA.

In addition, unless you have a Pro, there’s a fan bay on the right bottom side of the machine that’s empty, just an open grill. You can feed wires through those openings, too.


I used what I had :stuck_out_tongue:
I am sure you can go with thinner stuff, but it gives a example of the available area.


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