Adding a circle

I don’t even know how to word this but I cut a round diamond pattern out but I need to add a circle to cut it out completely. Does that make any sense if so I need help? I tried adding a cir
cle and it will only engrave it.

you have to make the “circle” a vector drawing.

if it is a vector you need to select the circle object in the GFUI, and specify it to CUT on the tabs that show up when you select the circle object.

hopefully that helps, otherwise one of the vastly more experience glowers around here will get you going in the right direction.

I’m an owner for years, but I have put less than 7 hours on BEAMER at this point :frowning:

Ok thanks I will try that

“Made on a Glowforge” is for showcasing your work. I’ll move this to a more appropriate forum.

sometimes it defaults to something screwy and you’re like… WHOA not what I meant there FORGE CLOUD. :slight_smile:

if you haven’t you might want to put in the glowforge custom palette for ease of ordering.

I just built a new computer and had to remember to do that when all of a sudden I had thousands of colors across the bottom of my window.

Make sure your circle is a vector path that is not filled. You can check that out by seeing if you can turn the engrave into a cut. If it is filled and doesn’t have a defined stroke, you can still to the cut by choosing that option rather than engrave.

If the circle is a raster/bitmap file, then it can’t be cut.

Read through this tip post.

Here are some vectors that you can save and upload for cutting operations.


How do I save the vectors you put there? I’m new to this

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Right-click and “Save as”

I did that but it saves as a png on my desktop and it still didn’t work in my glowforge

What design software are you using?


In Inkscape you can tell if you are looking at a bitmap or a vector by going to "View> outline. A vector won’t change while a bitmap shows as a square with an “X” through it.

You can use “Path>Trace Bitmap” to produce vectors. The vector will appear on top of the image you traced so be sure to drag it off.
In the case of simple shapes it would be easier to just draw them in Inkscape and save as SVG.

I’ll try.

You’ll have the hang of it in no time. :+1:

Ya right! I’ll die trying! Lol!

That’s the spirit!
The community here is the best accessory for your laser. Always lots of folks willing to help! :sunglasses:

What operating system and browser are you using? Some don’t have the option to save as for SVGs. Use Chrome for good results. Edge used to not. Perhaps it still doesn’t.

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Ya I’m using edge. Ill try Chrome. Thanks

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Once you have it saved as a SVG, name it something you will relate to.

Next time you have something that you failed to have a cut option for - use the ADD Artwork on upper left of the UI (under material selection) and locate that SVG that you named (hopefully something you can relate to like CUTS).

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