Adding a stop button to the Glowforge Pro's Magic Staple Connector

Continuing the discussion from Suggestion: Button should stop laser:

Ok, here’s a little video:


Nice demo.
How is the revamp of your exhaust going? Any improvement in odor control?


Nope. It’s a mystery.

What is the external power relay you are using? I want something like this to use with one of my CNCs.


I’ve currently got mine on a wemo outlet. Monitors usage and adds remote capability.

This is fantastic!! I’ve been on the forums for so long but had no idea this was an option! Definitely making a set of 3 of these to have around my apartment (where I’ll have video monitors to watch the cuts).

Here’s a little followup to that, on implementing a power-off delay circuit:

Very cool! Thanks for sharing. Since there isn’t anything for me to help with here, I’ve moved the post to the Beyond the Manual so the discussion can continue there.