Adding color to black acrylic

Hi everyone, I’m trying to add some color to black acrylic that I’m using to make some coasters. I’ve tried several things including just painting to trying some resin but it never turns out right. Does anyone know of a good method to paint or add some color to my project? Any help is appreciated!

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If you engrave and then fill the engraved portions with acrylic paints, it can look pretty nice, but I’m not sure how well that would hold up to use as a coaster. Inlays of another color of acrylic might work better.


Coloring dark material can be tricky.

A good approach can often be to put a bright layer down first. A silver or white, followed by the desired color, might work for you.


Cool thanks I’ll try that :+1:

I was considering that but the shop is out of proof grade unfortunately. I’ll try to add the acrylic paint and see if I can clear coat it to make it last a bit better

There are lots of other places to get acrylic, although it’s kind of in short supply everywhere right now. Search the forum for “acrylic sources” for some places to try.


Thanks I’ll look around see if I can find something

I like Vintaj patinas for color-filling acrylics. Just be sure to leave the masking on while you do it for easier cleanup of edges. Here’s an example:

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That turned out pretty nice I’ll definitely check it out thanks!

I engrave the acrylic and use acrylic spray paint. If you’re careful with alignment, you can do multiple layers for a nice effect. I get the best results with a heavily pigmented paint like Ironlak or Montana Gold. (They are made for graffiti artists.) We are heathens at my house and don’t use coasters though, so I’m not sure about sealing it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Love these!

Wow that looks really nice I’ll see if I can get my hands on some acrylic spray paint

Wow that looks great

This is super cool. I really like the ships on top of the water with the giant squid/kraken (?). I never thought of layering spray paint before…but my painting skills are quite similar to my gluing skills…pre-k level.

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