Adding My Own Cardstock Settings to the Mix

Just made a bunch of boxes for board game pieces and cards yesterday, just super simple stuff like this:

This is 110lb cardstock and the settings we used were:

0.01in material thickness
500/65 for cutting
500/5 for scoring fold-lines
500/35 for scoring lines that we want to tear apart by hand

Gonna try to use snapmarks to score fold-lines on both sides for different folds (mountain/valley) next. There are some cardstock settings on here already but thought I’d add mine since I didn’t find anything for 110lb specifically.

Edit: Added material thickness because I forgot. Measured it using calipers and honestly it may be thinner than that? But my calipers don’t go that low. >.<




Very useful! Thank you for sharing your settings.


so how thick is that exactly?

0.01in, sorry I forgot to add the material thickness in the original post. Will edit to add that!


There are lots of suggestions for settings but very little info on what GF it has been tested on. Basic, pro etc?

Unless it says FULL, all models use the same power up to 100. i.e. the 65 specified for a cut in the OP will be the same on a basic as on a Pro.