Address plaque

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That is gorgeous!!!


Stunning! Great work.

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Wow, I would just want to stand outside and look at it. It’s very impressive!


Wow really beautiful!

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Very nice.

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@holly.j.dutton, can you perhaps go into more detail about the paints and process. I really love the effect and I have an idea for my own address plaque…

Mark, sure!

After cutting the piece to be painted, I apply one coat of Sculpt Nouveau’s primer. It’s a water-based black color. Let that dry and set overnight. Then I apply one coat of the metal paint and let that dry. Then apply another coat ((I’ll usually use a cheap chip brush and stipple while wet, to hide strikes) and while it is still wet spray the patinas on - it has to be wet in order for the patinas to react. Not necessarily “dripping down the sides” wet, but for sure not dry. Maybe let it sit a few minutes, and then spray.

It can be a challenge with timing on large areas, because it’s possible that the first area you paint could dry before you finish the whole piece, in which case it’s not going to be as reactive to the patina.

Once you’ve got the patina/oxydation where you like it, spray with a clearcoat UV-protectant sealer, to freeze the oxidation process there (or leave it uncoated, if you want Mother Nature to continue with a more natural patina).

Their iron metal coating reacts GREAT with a couple patinas to give a really awesome rusted out industrial grunge look, too. Check out Scuplt Nouveau’s YouTube videos… they are awesome.


FYI, while the primer itself is not waterproof, the metal coatings ARE, in fact, weatherproof. I think the mfg guarantees or states they are good for like 10-15 years outside. It’s good stuff!

Also of note… the patinas (especially those that work with copper) STINK. So be prepared for smell afterwards. It is a chemical reaction, after all.

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Here’s an example of the iron + patina look on some gears:

And a miniature manhole:

It also works great on dimensional stuff (the swishy things I 3D printed, so the paints work on plastics as well):


The finished look is fantastic. You’d never know it was MDF. The colors work well.


Yeah you pick it up expecting something hefty and… it’s not :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing these additional photos. The finish on the gears is very nice.


This is so amazing! Thank you for sharing and also the info on the paint. It got the creativeness in me going. Can I ask where you got the dragonfly pattern from?

They posted that info above.

Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for taking the time to explain what you’ve done! I see a new technique to learn in my future…