Address Sign LED Temperature

Here I made a house address sign that automatically come on at night ((via a real-time clock (RTC)). And the color is temperature dependent. (for ex. its over 85 degree, so its red. The other colors are white, teal, blue and green,which are for cold, cool, warm and warmer respectively).
I used top and side frames with 3D printed parts and over layed over parts with layer black acrylic for the frame. For the sign part, I used clear acrylic which are mirrored on both sides (so it can be seen from both sides (two separate pieces).


That’s a great design, but the color change based on temp pushes it over the top! Wow!


Ditto! What a great idea! :grinning:


Great idea, but I have to admit the “red” color reminded me of this song!


HaHa. Great song.

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Is that a Glowforge exhaust hole I see?


No. Actually, its a POE CCTV camera. The flash from the camera phone reflected some light on it.

Well that makes more sense. The light reflecting off of it does resemble the exhaust port holes on the Glowforge though.

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That is true. It does appear to look like one.

Love it!

Great idea and lots of innovation shown here. Next iteration could be a digital clock with each digit representing the temp (ie., 1st digit the current temp, 2nd digit forecast high, and so on.) Wish I had your programming / integration prowess… :glowforge::sunglasses:

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Brilliant! love this!

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Thank you. I’m actually working on a enclosure on the glowforge (I’m new to Glowforge CNC, that’s why its taking me long. I’ve had it six weeks now). I’m creating a LCD display for the inside that will display the actual temperature, time and on/off for the activation of the RTC. I finished up the code.


Wow! A color changing, temperature indicating house number sign. Makes my own home numbers seem so pedestrian.

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Only if you walk past…

haha. Thanks.

Good comeback.