Adhering leather to cardstock

So I have been tasked with adhering a single leather cutout to the front of a book and am looking for any informed suggestions. It is about as wide as the book and 1/4 to a 1/3 as tall. Proofgrade thin leather. The front cover of the book is some sort of card stock, thin and flexible. It is not fabric, wood, leather or a synthetic - definitely a paper product.

The book will be used as the guest book for a wedding, so there is really no room for experimentation. I’ll probably glue some small scraps of leather to some card stock scraps to test, but I’m looking at a one-shot thing here. I currently have Barge contact cement and CA glues of various viscosity. I think I have a sheet of double-sided 3M tape still, but would prefer not to use it. In theory this will be a precious heirloom that has to last lifetimes, but I think we all know after a couple of months it’ll be packed into a box not to see the light of day until someone stumbles upon it sifting through her estate. Or there is a divorce and it is burned. Or she lives to see the Singularity and it is digitally uploaded to never be accessed ever again. In all cases I’m not looking for an archival solution. Also TBD whether the skin side or suede side will be facing up.


I use Barge for leather but not sure about using it in archival situations.

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So, I use this… which is amazing and will glue almost anything you can get through it.

They have something else called Rolataq Adhesive. It’s a cold glue rather than hot. But it’s archival and permanent. They used to sell a hand applicator for it - but it looks like they’ve now gone to just the motorized roller machines. :frowning:

I would bet that you could lay the adhesive with any type of roller though…


E6000 :wink: I pretty much use it for everything.


E6000 is amazing stuff.


E6000 will do the job, but its also hard to apply it edge to edge without any seeping out. For this project I think that a flat 2-sided adhesive sheet or an adhesive spray would be better.

I would test first, but my thought is to spray the back of the leather with 3M 77, apply to the book, and then apply even pressure overnight.

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Acid free will help an heirloom survive - These are letter sized double sided adhesive sheets.
Stick It SK310 Adhesive Sheets (5 Pack), 8 x 12.25"


I agree with @ekla … Stick It is an amazing product.

Well the Stick It is definitely cheaper than 3M double-side sheets, but I went with the M77. If I remember, in fifty years I’ll report back with an update on how it’s holding up. :grin: